Wednesday, June 30, 2010


From :
Susanna - Venice, Italy

Subject :
My first carnival postcard! The card here show The Carnival of Venice (Italian: Carnevale di Venezia) is an annual festival, held in Venice, Italy. Carnival started as a time for celebration and expression throughout the classes, as wearing masks hid any form of identity between social classes. During the 1970's, the Italian government decided to bring back the history and culture of Venice, and sought to use the traditional Carnival as the centerpiece of their efforts. Today, approximately 30,000 visitors come to Venice each day for Carnivals. Thank you so much Susanna. I love this card! :)

Stamp :
Italian Masters of the 20th Century - Federico De Pistoris. I love fine arts /painting. This is my favourite stamp. Thanks Susanna :)

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